Summer Workshops Timetables & Availability

Summer Workshops Timetable and Availability for June and July 2024.

Workshops start at 10am and continue until 3.30pm

Lunch Provided (Pizza from our own new outdoor pizza oven)

€60 per day..(Booking essential)

PLEASE RING OR TEXT EAMONN (085) 233 7413 for further information or BOOKING DETAILS


  • BELOW you will find ALL of our Summer Workshop dates and availability:


Saturday June 8th (WORKSHOP COMPLETED) Rita D., Ann D., Catherine McN., Jude R.,Clare C., Kay L., Anne R., Fiona F., Claire W,

A great start to our summer classes today. Lovely work in progress. Some very close to being finished.


Wednesday June 12th (WORKSHOP COMPLETED) Aisling M., Rosemary S, Raymond McG., Noreen F., Mary C., Bernie E., Dympna G., Olivia Mc.C., Betty G.,

Some terrific pieces were worked on today and are still ‘works in progress’ at the moment, however, Olivia managed to complete her painting today. Its a local landscape, a Stormy Streedagh in County Sligo.

Olivia’s painting of Streedagh


Tuesday June 18th (WORKSHOP COMPLETED) Margaret Con., Rita D., Céline O’F., Geraldine E., Mary L., Chris M., Maria S., Maura D., Fiona F., Anna M

(This is some of the work that was worked on in the Tuesday 18th June workshop)

Painted by Rita
Painted by Fiona
Anna finishes her painting
Painted by Anna


Saturday 22nd June (This workshop is now FULL) Margaret Con., Ann D., Celine O’F., Mary L., Geraldine E., Claire W., Clare C., Kay L., Marie L., Anne Ry.


Wednesday 26th June (This workshop is now FULL) Chris M., Eileen C. Kay L., Clare C.,Raymond McG., Cliona R., Seamus D., Eva F. Caroline C . Betty G.


Saturday 29th June (This workshop is now FULL) Ann D., Jude R.,Cliona R., Josie K, Bernie E., Cathy J., Noelle C., Marie S. ,Chris M. Anna M


Thursday 4th July (This workshop is now FULL) Margaret Con., Margaret Cla., Cait H.,Sophie, Shirley C., Phil McL., Joan W, Phil McH., Cate D.


Wednesday 10th July (This workshop is now FULL) Rita D., Eileen C., Eimer L.,Sophie, . Phil McL., E.McN., Barbara B., Fidelma H. , Vivienne S


Thursday 18th July (This workshop is now FULL) Margaret C., Cait H., Maria S., Evelyn C., Rita D., Triona R., Seamus D., Barbara B., Roger H.


Saturday 20th July (This workshop is now FULL) Catherine McN., Anne R., Gary S.,Seamus D., Josie K.,Cathy J., Bernie E, Noelle C. Phil McH. Anne Ry.


Friday 26th July (This workshop is now FULL) Rita D.,Eimer L., Eileen McN., Vivienne S., Barbara B. Marie L., Fidelma H. Aisling M. Riona R.


Tuesday 30th July. (This workshop is now FULL) Maura D., Jude R., Anne R., Eimer L.,Seamus D., Mary C., Noreen F., Marie L., Phil McH., Grace.



Tuesday August 13th (Places are now available for this workshop)

Aisling M. Anne Ry. Charlie R.,



CLASS TIME ………………. 10.30am to 3.30pm

(Lunch 1-1.30pm)

Monday June 24th 2024

Kathleen McD., Patrica W., Natasha B., Mick G., Cora C., Raymond McG., Marie St., Vivienne S. Dympna G.



Monday August 19th 2024

Kathleen McD., Patrica W., Natasha B., Lisa M., Mick G., Cora C., Raymond McG., Teresa T. Dympna G


Updated on Thursday June 20th at 4pm

Painting Seascapes (early stages)
Painting a Landscape (early stages)
Portraiture Techniques. (almost there)